Isaak Albéniz, Concierto Fantástico

In December 2010 we went to Wroclaw, Poland, to shoot a documentary starring two very young figures of the international classical music, conductor Carlos Checa (Barcelona, 1976) and composer and pianist José Menor (Sabadell, 1977). The documentary was produced by Marcial AV and Gramophone Records.


Both musicians were invited by the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra to play CONCIERTO FANTÁSTICO (1887) by the catalan composer Isaac Albéniz. A piece for piano and orchestra virtually unknown and there is no record that has never played in Poland.


Equipped with two Canon 5D Mark II cameras, a Go Pro and many layers of clothes, we went to Wroclaw under a -20º temperature to accompany the two musicians in the days before the performance of the concert. 


The documentary is a good opportunity to plunge into the unknown world of classical music, while showing us the relationship between two old friends who came together at the conservatory and are now together in the front line ... and away from home.